FB Niche Explosion Review – How to Get Hordes of Facebook Fans

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Jon Dykstra

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On January 1, 2014
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The author of FB Niche Explosion has got 116,000 Facebook Fans, drive 250,000 visitors to his their fitness blog and build up a 13,000+ email subscribers list in just over 3 months.

FB Niche Explosion – How to Get Hordes of Facebook Fans (and what doesn’t work so well)

A Facebook FanPage is so bad if you don’t have massive of Fans, I mean tons of subscribers.

You are looking for the best way and to be approval system to get more Fans Fast.

My friends Jon acquired 116,000 Facebook Fans just less than 4 month. The main review that I would like to tell you is he could drive constant source of traffic to his website – to the tune of 3000 to 7000 visitors per day to his fitness niche website. All of that will be reveal at FB Niche Explosion.

FB Niche Explosion Review

FB Niche Explosion Review – Overview

Product Name: FB Niche Explosion

Creator: Jon Dykstra

Launch Date: 2013 – 01 – 07 at 13:00 EST

Price: $10

Bonus Pages: Yes – Clicking here to see your BONUS LIST Worth Over $2700

Product Niche: Social Media.

Official Website: http://products.btwoweb.com

What is FB Niche Explosion?

FB Niche Explosion is a PDF E-book guide that author teaches you how to drive 244,723 targeted visitors, boost 15,500+ email subscribers and make 5-figures income in less than 4 months just only with Facebook. (Even no require website).

In this strategy, Jon Dykstra – The author of FB Niche Explosion has got 116,000 Facebook Fans, drive 250,000 visitors to his their fitness blog and build up a 13,000+ email subscribers list in just over 3 months.

What features FB Niche Explosion contains?

Explosion Of course, the main purpose is increasing your passive incomes; let me tell you some awesome features that make FB Niche become be outstanding.

  • Get massive of Facebook Fans instantly.
  • Using best method that almost people ignore it before.
  • Building your subscribers list at the same time you build your Fans.
  • Boost Facebook Ads Campaign with lowest prices.
  • Much and much more…

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Is FB Niche Explosion right for me?

I have emailed to Jon and asked him to share a few tips for getting fans fast. Here’s what he told me:

The Number 1 method for getting tons of fans that’s worked like gang-busters for his website is:

Building your great Fan-gate and offering an awesome free book. That’s all about it.

Summary: Setup your Fan-gate, Find out great free E-book (maybe include MRR or PLR E-Book) for download behind the Fan-gate. And finally, boost your Facebook Ads Campaign to send targeted traffic to your Fan-gate. You will see the best effective with this awesome method.


This method is just one of the best methods that you can be revealed at FB Niche Explosion E-Book Guide. There are many secrets still in there.

So I think FB Niche Explosion Guide is really right for you. This E-book guide step-by-step show you through this entire process, including showing you how to build your Fan-gate for free, you just following his successful, high converting Fan-gate case study. More and more contains in FB Niche Explosion.

Why I recommend this FB Niche Explosion?

First of all, as I know until now, most of top marketer is switching to Facebook Marketing. And if you want to have new tactics to dominate on Internet Markets, you have to changed, changing your strategy to survive and make more money online.

In 2014, Google appreciate the social networks factors. Especially is Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus…

Best of all, to be became 5-figures guys in less than 4 month.

How much will this cost you?

Maybe you are thinking this E-book could cost you $27, or $17. But now it won’t. FB Niche Explosion just cost you $9.95. The cheapest price that you can invest and start build your new strategies for killing Facebook 🙂

Stop watching and get FB Niche Explosion early bird price before it going up.


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Currently, I get 300 to 400 free fans every day by following Jon’ FB Niche Explosion guidelines.

That’s actually is the great deals that I never see it before. Now is your turn! My friends.

So start getting fans today with Jon’s way – You can learn massive of strategies about Facebook Marketing Secrets.

To your online business success!


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My Extra bonus Pack

Bonus.No.1: Facebook Shared Point premium Plugin

FB Share Point

Making Money is Easy with FB SharePoint, the All-in-One facebook plugin…

FB SharePoint is an All-in-One WordPress plugin with 4 powerful features allowing you to share your content on facebook directly from your website,with whom ever you want. Yes thats 4 plugins in One!

Feature 1 – Facebook friends inviter…

Feature 2 – Facebook Like Button Content Locker…

Feature 3 – Youtube Share Button…

Feature 4 – Facebook Send Button…

Bonus.No.2.WordPress Page to Facebook FanPage Premium Plugin

Bonus.No.3.Facebook Marketing Strategies

FB Marketing Strategies

Bonus.No.4.Facebook Marketing Mania

 FB Marketing Mania

Bonus.No.5.Facebook Fortune

FB Fortune

Note:Beside this bonuses above, you also get my bonus package worth over $2700 +. Click here to see my huge BONUS Packages.

3 Step to claim this bonuses

Step 1: Click here to get FB Niche Explosion.

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: ayumu.tran@gmail.com

Step 3: Choose which bonus you want in your email and you will receive the bonus within 24 hours.

Be quickly, just only first 10 person!!!



The author of FB Niche Explosion has got 116,000 Facebook Fans, drive 250,000 visitors to his their fitness blog and build up a 13,000+ email subscribers list in just over 3 months.

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