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Review of: SEO Machine Pro
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Viet, Bramantya Farid

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On November 2, 2013
Last modified:November 22, 2013


SEO Machine PRO is a versatile software that targets users who are in the Internet Marketing business particularly SEO.In essence, the software especially helps users to find good buyer keywords and keyword competition levels very quickly.

The All in One SEO Multi Tool,

Streamline your SEO Process,

Save your time and Boosts

your website Ranking.


Product Name: SEO Machine PRO

Price: $89.20

Creator:  Bramantya Farid, Viet

Launch Date: September 10th,  2013 at 11:00 EDT

Product Niche: SEO, Traffic

Official website:

Special Offer: Yes – Clicking here to get 5 days Free Trial!

Bonuses Page: Yes – Clicking here to receive huge bonus worth over $1600+



Hi everyone, my name’s Dennis. Today I’m here and going to recommend you some awesome secret about The Final Release SEO Machine PRO – The Most Complete SEO Tool Software that does EVERYTHING.

And now, I’m pretty sure you have some question asking me. Right? Such as What is SEO Machine Pro? What can I do with its? What power features does SEO Machine contains? And why I should  use its?…

If you have one of any question above, please continued reading…^.^

SEO Machine PRO Review – What is SEO Machine PRO?

SEO Machine PRO is a versatile software that targets users who are in the Internet Marketing business particularly SEO. It will assist people to perform their work in a much easier and smoother fashion. In essence, the software especially helps users to find good buyer keywords and keyword competition levels very quickly.


 SEO Machine Pro Interface

It will also assist you to obtain High PR dofollow backlinks, reverse engineer your competitor’s SEO strategies, getting unlimited supply of backlinks via our search engine scraper, unlimited supply of proxies, keyword research make easy by showing valuable low competition keyword via Semrush and competition checker, easy scripting feature to make any platform poster can imagine, and much much more…

SEO Machine PRO Review – What powerful features SEO Machine Pro contains?

Watch this video about some features of SEO Machine Pro Overview:

There are 15 advanced SEO Modules that makes SEO Machine Pro so useful for your needs

1. Suggestion Scraper

– Scrape keywords from multiple sources: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, Ask…

– Support searching for keywords of specific languages and search domains.

– Expand keyword exploring deep to an unlimited number of levels.

2. Proxy Scraper

– Scrape and manage multiple proxy sources from the Internet.

– Scrape proxies from proxy sources.

– An automation feature to scrape and check proxies automatically with only one click.

3. Proxy Checker

– Bulk check for country, speed, type and anonymity information of proxies.

– Bulk check if proxies can by-pass Google test.

-Bulk check proxies against any website to see whether they are prohibited or not.

4. Keyword Competition Checker

Bulk check title competition, exact competition and real competition of keywords ranked by Google

5. Link Status Checker

Bulk check if links are accessible or not. In case links are not accessible, check for their detailed errors.

6. Dofollow Checker

Bulk check if blogs are of the type DoFollow or NoFollow

7. Outbound Link Checker

Bulk check for the number of internal links and external links of the pages

8. Link Extractor

Bulk extract internal and external links from web pages

9. URL Harvester

– Harvest URLs from multiple source based on footprints.

– Merge footprint templates with keyword to generate multiple search footprints.

– Footprint management to manage different footprint lists.

– Bulk operations on the harvested URL’s list: URL manipulation, filtering, check indexed, check buy generic bactrim online page ranks, check fake page rank, check cache date, page and domain authority, check backlinks.

10. Authority Checker

– Bulk check page authority, domain authority, external links in the page

– Support free SEOmoz API key.

11. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

– Bulk check the number of backlinks to the target URLs.

– Download a list of backlinks with detailed information.

– Interact with Ahrefs services.

12. Mozscape Backlink Checker (using Ahrefs service)

– Research about keywords of any domain, using different search engine databases.

– Detailed organic keyword report and Adwords keyword reports.

– Support various filter settings ( filter fields, filter operations…) to find the exact keyword of interest.

13. Backlink Analysis

– Analyze backlinks to target URL in  detail.

– Detail statistic of backlinks to the targets, in different modes (page, domain, sub-domain) and social metrics.

– Detailed analysis of inbound links, linking domain and anchor text using.

14. Comment Scraper

– Bulk check and scrape comment from websites.

– Built-in support for various blog engines.

– User can add unlimited number of user-defined engines via engine scripting.

15. Comment Poster

– Post comment to target website of various blog platforms.

– User can define an unlimited number of blogs via scripting.

– Support Auto spinning of posting data (names, email, website, comments).

– Support the management of anchor text distribution.

– Support different URL filtering settings.

– Support detection of auto-approve blogs, auto-pinging and blog indexing.

– Support different Captcha breaker services.

SEO Machine Pro Review – What benefits you get when owning SEO Machine Pro?

Let me show you what you are getting:

–         High quality, high PR backlinks made easy.

–         Keyword research made fast and simple.

–         Unlimited supply of backlink for tier 1 or 2 linking.

–         Unlimited supply of proxies to prevent SE blocking IPs.

–         Easy scripting feature to make any platform poster you can imagine.

–         Boost your website high up on the SERPs.

–         Save loads of time on painstakingly tedious tasks.

–         All in one solution for all your SEO needs.

Here are some Incredible Result:




SEO Machine PRO Review – Who is SEO Machine PRO for?

SEO Machine PRO is suitable for anyone who want to improve your website Ranking. If you are an Internet Marketer, a SEO specialist or a SEO agency who want to quickly perform all of your SEO tasks with ease and safely then this software is for you.

SEO Machine PRO – Price of SEO Machine PRO

Given the immense amount of value this revolutionary SEO tool will provide you with, plus all the benefits that it can provide for your business, you must be thinking the price should be in the hundreds of dollar.

But now you just only pay a small payment for this. SEO Machine Pro’s Price is $89.20 with 1 License (use on 1 machine).

In my opinion, you can get 5 days free SEO Machine Pro Trial before decided to bye its. But I am sure SEO Machine Pro will make you satisfied.

Get SEO Machine Pro Free Trial Copy now!

 My personal opinion:

As a SEOer and my experience, I have some opinion about Seo Machine Pro.

– Easy to use interface.

– Easy to get Google High Ranking,  easy to get High PR DoFollow.

– All in one Complete SEO Software: I have fomula for Seo machine Pro= Keyword Planner + Moz Bar + Seo Quake + Ahref Links Checker + Scrapebox

– Saving your time.

– Google algorithm safer.

– Reasonable pricing.

– Be Become a Master of SEOer

Special Offer – Get  5 day free Trial now!


SEO Machine PRO is a versatile software that targets users who are in the Internet Marketing business particularly SEO.In essence, the software especially helps users to find good buyer keywords and keyword competition levels very quickly.

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