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On November 6, 2013
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The main feature of Traffic Travis Pro is the ability to analyze the level of competitiveness of keywords and tell us which the keyword is high, medium and low competition in SEO. Try to use Trial 7 Days for only $1

Product Name: Traffic Travis v4.1 Pro

Price: $97

Product Niche: SEO, Traffic, Keyword Research

Official Website:

Traffic Travis Free Edition: Yes – Clicking here to download now.

Special Offer: Yes – Clicking here to get $1 Trial Pro in 7 Days.

Bonuses Page: Yes – Clicking here to see BONUS List.



What is Traffic Travis?

Traffic Travis is a software created to help internet marketer boost their website traffic. It is an all-in-one tool for search engine optimization, pay-per-click monitoring and general market research.

Before I going into detail review, I would like to note that Traffic Travis has 2 Edition. Free Edition and Professional Edition. Depending on your needs. You can download Traffic Travis Free Edition to use or start use $1 Trial 7 Days Traffic Travis Pro Edition.

Figure below compare 2 Editions:


Traffic Travis Review – Main Modules

Basically, Traffic Travis has 5 main Modules that contain a lot of powerful features. So this is a real reason that makes Traffic Travis different and I would like to recommend to you this awesome software. Following, I’ll go into the detail of each module for your reference.

Module 1: Dashboard – Overall Statistics of your Project (website).


This is the first look that after you open the software (after checking the license). If You want to manage which projects that is just click on “Make Active”, because most of them are inactive. Also by these projects, you will find out some information you need to know of each project as:

  • Site Check: PR, Alexa, Page Warning & XML Sitemap
  • Keywords: Keyword Count & Traffic Potential
  • Rankings for: Pages indexed, Ranking in top 5 & Ranking in top 10
  • Top 5 ranked keywords: Display top 5 Highest rank keywords
  • Backlinks: Total backlinks, Unique IPs & Unique Domains
  • Top 5 backlinks: Listed top 5 backlinks from reputable site with the highest level (Authority site)

Module 2: My Site – Details a specific pages


My Site will help you get more information about a specific webpage. There are two main features in My Site:

  • Import Pages: Enter The Page of website to check.
  • Exclusions: Removing some of the components that you don’t need to check.

In this module, you will know which page (pages, sub-pages) have highest or lowest Page Rank for optimization and number of back-links pointing to each page.

Module 3: Research – Keyword Research and Domain

Keywords Research is one of most important modules of Traffic Travis. The data will be accessible from Google’s Keyword Planner, so you can see traffic in the U.S and Globally, The competition of keywords from advertisers (not competing in offline SEO), cost of their pay per click and how many results are there on SERPs.


In addition, buy cheap bactrim Research Module has “Domain Search” features that to helping you search domain names with corresponding keywords. Traffic Travis just focus on 3 main domains as: .com/net/org. But, I think these are most common formats on the internet.


Module 4: SEO – Analysis of competition in SEO

In this module have 4 main features:

  • Ranking: Check the ranking of keywords that you are targeting.


  • Competition: This is extremely important feature that helps you to know about level of competitive keywords. Traffic Travis clearly identifies which keywords are high, medium and low competitions. This is what  most of you are interested in. Because o if you can’t self-assessment, Traffic Travis would be the best choice for you.



  • Backlinks: In this features, you will see the number of backlinks that your site get from another high reputation website.(Authority Site – assessmentofSEOmoz), PR, Alexa, Anchor text, etc. You can also view number of backlinks from edu/gov page in the Overview Sub-Features or separate number of Backlinks from .com/net/org website in Site Breakdown Sub-Features.



  • Link Finder: In this feature, you just enter the keywords that you are looking for SEO to find out links come from kind of Directories, Forum, and Blog Site. Very useful to build in accordance with standard SEO Baclinks.

link finder


This is a feature that I take very seriously. Because it help us identify the direction for appropriate and sustainable before the time of Google Update.

Module 5: PPC – Finding Adsense and Adwords Competition for keywords.

Adsense Finder features helps you search which the Adsense ads are showing for those keywords.

adsense finder

Beside Finder Adsense feature, Adwords Competition will help you identify which website are paying high prices for those keywords, if you want to promote with PPC Advertising for those keywords.

adwords competitions


My remarks

Beside all of features as I mentioned above, the biggest difference between “Free” and “Professional” is number of projects, number of keyword research and ability to access and print information after analysis. If you feel like Traffic Travis after my review, you can purchase Traffic Travis Pro at a price of $97 for 12 month access. If not you can use Free Traffic Travis Edition.

Hopefully, my review will help you with the overall look of Traffic Travis Pro. Revealed to you, I’m using Traffic Travis for my business now!

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Cheer and all the best!

Upadate: Watch Traffic Travis Pro Demo Video in here or you can watch it below.



The main feature of Traffic Travis Pro is the ability to analyze the level of competitiveness of keywords and tell us which the keyword is high, medium and low competition in SEO. Try to use Trial 7 Days for only $1

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