YouTube Annihilation Review – Make $400 In 7 Days

Product by:
Boris Berjan

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On December 6, 2013
Last modified:December 6, 2013


YTA shows you how to get you 1 sale for every 10 clicks and how to Silo and interlink videos so YouTube & Google send as much customers to them as possible.

Product: YouTube Annihilation

Launch Date: 2013 – 12 – 10

Launch Time: 11:00 AM EST

Creator: Boris Berjan

Price: $27 (FE)

Product Niche: SEO, Traffic, Social Media.

Official Website:

Bonus Packages: Yes – Clicking here to see your BONUS LIST

Worth over $2700+

Hey my friends,

As you known, make money online is not easier than we can imagines, it took a lot of work, sweat and tears to make the first pennies. J You had to either setup sites, SEO them or buy traffic, track it with confusing software, it’s tons of work.

Let me asking you a question: “What are you going to do when you couldn’t rank your website on Top of Google Search?” I mean you can do well of SEO work (To me, SEO work accounted for 60% of my success).You fall into highly competitive. Finally, you can’t make more sales even the first sales when you just started your internet business. Are you thinking about abandon the road to make money online?

Don’t be give up, my friends. There are lots of ways to be success on the internet. Let me show you tips to avoid problems above.

If you can’t or don’t understand about SEO, rank your website on Top of Google, Bing search, start make money with social network as: Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest… Especially is YouTube Channel that has over one billion users on that. You know, SEO Video easier than SEO your website. In my experience, I just only take 48 hours to rank my YouTube Video on Google search engine. In short, all you have to do is start make money online with YouTube Channel again.

However, Rank video on top is a great thing (If you don’t know how to rank YouTube Video, read my review of YouTube Ranking Secrets) but you want to make sales, which are another story. 🙂

In this case, you must have skill for increase your conversion rate, increase clicks, and increase potential customers purchase products. I think Boris from VidsMedia can show you how.

His system called “YouTube Annihilation” (YTA). In this system, he will show you what the top 2% of video marketers are actually doing to increase their products orders.

YouTube Annihilation Review

What is YouTube Annihilation?

YouTube Annihilation is a training course that will show you how to laser like precision keyword targeting with highly converting videos, tailor made and interlinked that YouTube and Google push to buyer traffic only.

How does it work?

What YTA does is combines advanced underground PPC tactics with loopholes left open by Google and YouTube (things like internal linking, silo structures, conversion tracking, video split testing, etc…)

And then puts all of that into proven Fortune 500 company video marketing formulas, which create video tailor made for not only your exact customers, but YouTube and Google as well.

The best part is, Google can be forgotten. Your traffic will be so targeted, that YouTube where can i buy bactrim ds alone will be enough to generate endless sales or subscribers.


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What exactly you will get when owning YouTube Annihilation?

  • You will get 1 sale for every 10 clicks.
  • Show you how to Silo and interlink videos so YouTube and Google send as much customers to them as possible.
  • How to build totally SEO’d Video Silo’s that take advantage of every loophole within Google and YouTube.
  • Teach you how to get 1362.5% higher earnings per clicks, then any industry average.
  • Increase your CTRs anywhere from 323% to 924.5%
  • A system that $400 in less than 7 days (from 120 clicks!!!)
  • Best of all the whole process is laid out in a simple step-by-step process.

YouTube Annihilation Review – About Author

Boris Berjan is a full-time video marketer who uses fortune 500 corporate tactics to obliterate the SERP’s with videos. He is a Founder and CEO at VidsMedia.

YouTube Annihilation Review

See his Linkedin Profile

Who is YouTube Annihilation for?

  • If you are looking for a new road to make money online without SEO for your website, this YTA is for you.
  • If you are building your YouTube Video Channel, but you get stuck in drive traffic, increase conversion rate, increase click through rate…and then make more sales; this YTA is for you.

Price of YouTube Annihilation

Just cost you $27 to get full access to YouTube Annihilation, I think this is cheapest price that you can invest to.

Note: The price can be changed by author anytime.

Do you must have YouTube Annihilation?

No – you don’t need it. But if you want to make a new road to generate income without SEO, you must have it. Especially, increase your CPC, CTRs, drive huge targeted traffic on YouTube. And become 2% of top success marketer really do on YouTube, you must have it.

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YouTube is absolutely HOT right now. That is why everyone is preaching to have the “holy-grail” of YouTube Marketing. The truth is, all of these “gurus” preach the same re-hashed BS over-and-over again.

If YouTube shut down today, they would have no income, no skills and no plan.

That is why YTA is blowing up everywhere!

YTA was put together so that ANYONONE could make money on the internet. And they can make it as humanly easy as possible.

See, It’s like Boris say’s on his site(VidsMedia):

“YouTube Itself could not make a more perfect Video Structure”

That’s because YTA finally reveals it all. Video interlinking, siloing, laser targeting, video copywriting, etc.

It is putting what the top 2% of video marketers practice into your hands and showing you what to do with it.

Listen – I don’t care if you’re just getting started online, or if you’re an intermediate marketer/video marketer. YTA is something that HAS to be in your marketing “Repertoire”

Make sure you get into YTA right now.

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YTA shows you how to get you 1 sale for every 10 clicks and how to Silo and interlink videos so YouTube & Google send as much customers to them as possible.

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