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Mario Brown

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On November 25, 2013
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FB Master Class is the Ultimate Facebook Advertising Course that teaches you the basic with true step-by-step videos, then also cover super advanced strategies like retargeting an custom audiences – again, all step-by-step

Product: FB Master Class

Launch Date: 2013 – 12 – 05

Launch Time: 13:00 EST

Author: Mario Brown

Price: $997 (FE)

Product Niche: Social Media

Official Website: http://fbmasterclass.net/

Bonus Packages: Yes – Clicking here to see your BONUS LIST

Worth over $2700+

FB Master Class

Facebook has over 1 billion users, now this is the number social network in the world. Facebook not only place where have fun, recreation, make friends, chatting, dating, etc, it also a place to make money, even make huge money. The market which people was previously neglectful.

I would like to mention about Facebook Marketing. You are implementing your brand promotion strategy. So what the problem do you experiencing? Let me show your problem:

  • You are building your brand FanPage, get more like but you couldn’t made more sale, why? Because you don’t focus on the correct targeted audience. I mean potential customers.
  • You are using more increase likes services, purchase likes… This is so bad things. Those people don’t care about your products. So your next strategy is moving through FB Ads Campaign. But you don’t know how to boost the right way on your ads campaign and you are finding the great Facebook Advertising Course. If this is your intended purpose, please continue reading.

I highly recommend you about the Ultimate Facebook Advertising Course called FB Master Class.

What is FB Master Class?

FB Master Class is the Ultimate Facebook Advertising Course that teaches you the basic with true step-by-step videos, then also cover super advanced strategies like retargeting an custom audiences – again, all step-by-step. Help you setting up the right funnel, filling webinars, lead generation and selling high end consulting are just some of the topic covered. This course also teaches you about local aspects, so if you have a local of offline list, this is going to work for you as well.

You will learning from author’s real world experience and also learn his case studies within the training. Which ads worked the best, how did he get cost per lead from $9 to 80 cent, which lead capture page converted the best? All of these you will learn from FB Master Class.

FB Master Class has been tested different funnels for the last 9 months by author. So you are absolutely rest assured with the quality of the course.

What exactly we will learn from FB Master Class?

You will learn from basic to advanced, here are some of FB Master’s Module:

  • Basic: In this module, you will learn about: How to build your Facebook Fanpage, basic page set up, adding pictures, explaining Events/Offers etc. You also learn about Fanpage Optimization as Creating Custom Tab, Call To Action, viral images, Ideas for engagement…, Facebook Insights as how to read insights, analyzing the data and Targeting, using the data and conclusions for paid ads…
  •  His Case Studies: FB Webinar, Facebook retargeting, FB traffic.
  • Facebook Ads: In this module, you will learn about promoted posts, put right side ads, creating your first ads, how to bidding ads, researching your niche, setup landing pages… all step-by-step.
  •  Facebook Mindset: Some of mindset are Understanding Facebook Advertising, Defining your Biz and marketing goals, how to maximizing profits, split testing, marketing funnels, etc.
  • FB Master Class Resources: You will be access to Resources, Facebook premium software, Power Editor as tracking software, ad creation, testing/spying tools, auto post scheduler, lead generation, etc. All are great software solution and worth thousands of dollars.
  • Much and much more at FB Master Class

About Author – Mario Brown

Mario Brown is a top of Facebook Marketing Experts. He is a speaker, bestselling author, and serial entrepreneur, known for best seller e-book: The Ultimate SEO Machine.

FB Master Class Review

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Who is FB Master Class for?

All of individuals, businesses, organizations… want to get rich, brand promotion are appropriate for this course.

For anyone who want to make more money online.

Price of FB Master Class

With many thousands of dollars that FB Master Class contain, just only cost you $997. I think this is affordable price for you to invest.

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My Bonus Expansion Pack


As increase the value of FB Master Class as well as it’s a say thank you if you decide get it through my links. I am very happy to give you something to your Facebook Marketing success. Here are my bonus lists: (All comes with master resale rights or Private Label Rights)

Bonus.No.1: Facebook Shared Point premium Plugin

Facebook share point

Making Money is Easy with FB SharePoint, the All-in-One facebook plugin…

FB SharePoint is an All-in-One WordPress plugin with 4 powerful features allowing you to share your content on facebook directly from your website,with whom ever you want. Yes thats 4 plugins in One!

Feature 1 – Facebook friends inviter…

Feature 2 – Facebook Like Button Content Locker…

Feature 3 – Youtube Share Button…

Feature 4 – Facebook Send Button…

Bonus.No.2.WordPress Page to Facebook FanPage Premium Plugin


Bonus.No.3.Facebook Marketing Strategies

FB Marketing Stratrgies

Bonus.No.4.Facebook Marketing Mania

Facebook marketing mania

Bonus.No.5.Facebook Fortune

Facebook Fortune

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How could you claim this Bonus?


You just follow 3 simple steps below to receive your bonuses

  1.  Click here to get access to FB Master Class
  2.  After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: ayumu.tran@gmail.com
  3.  Choose which bonus you want in your email and you will receive the bonus within 24 hours.



Another reason most of people switching to Facebook Ads marketing that it are cost per click is lower than Google Adwords. Facebook get more users day by day. So Facebook is a never sleep markets.

Stop watching! And……..

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Your decision, Your success!

FB Master Class is the Ultimate Facebook Advertising Course that teaches you the basic with true step-by-step videos, then also cover super advanced strategies like retargeting an custom audiences – again, all step-by-step

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