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Hostgator – is one of the best shared hosting services on the internet.

StableHost – The Lite Speed server hosting service with faster processing speed than Apache Technologies services.

iPage – The cheapest hosting services in the world with the best support team.

iPage is Easy to Use

There are many companies providing Hosting services in the market for building WordPress blogs or e-Commerce shop store… All individuals and businesses are able to access and use them. The newbie just start blogging, most of them choose to use the free hosting just to get acquainted before, and this is also a good way. However, free hosting packages are such things as functionality limited, stability, poor security and advertising on.

Therefore, invest paid hosting packages is always best solution and most secure.

Below is the quality hosting service has been tested by community bloggers and me for a long time. Quality, reliability, great support and safety as well as the price is also very suitable for newbie to join.

Are you looking for Affordable & Credibility WordPress Hosting Service? Here are 3 of many hosting services I have been using for my business, all of them have good quality, prices and easy to use.

1. HostGator – $3.96/mo

Hostgator is one of the 10 largest hosting and domain service companies in the world. According to statistics, it is providing hosting to over 9,000,000 domains all the world and over 500 employees. That figure also partly more confident for many people. As I know, there are many companies and blogging are doing reseller for Hostgator and also use their services.

However, $3.96/mo Hostgator Hatching Plan Package also limited as you can use host for only one domain, if you want to use unlimited packages, $6.36/mo Baby Packages is your best choice. You can get up to 25% OFF if you register now and using this COUPON: DATTRANCOUPON.

For more information, you can read my Hostgator Review. You also have opportunity try to use Hostgator only $0.01 per first month.

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2. iPage Hosting – $0.99/mo

Ipage hosting – The name which community blogger most talked. Because this is cheapest hosting services, the best support hosting. Ipage is providing hosting for 1,000,000 website. 24/7 support from North American. Ipage often have terrible promotions for user, even up to 75% OFF, you always get 1 free domain at iPage.

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3. Stable Host – $3.95/mo, Lite Speed Hosting and get Lifetime 40% OFF

StableHost is newly emerging hosting provider, communities are highly appreciated in webhosting talk. I myself am using it for my small blog. Stable suitable for small websites as product launch review blogs. Most reviews liked this provider, as the quality of the service and attitude of the support staff. StableHost sell hosting both U.S and Europe for those wishing to select where setting their data center.

Price of Stable is around $3.95/mo and use this 40% Discount COUPON: 40OFFHOSTINGREVIEW or STABLEPLUS40 to get less than $2/mo.

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